Scarves complete me.  I feel naked without them.  If I could only buy a couple of pieces a season to add to my wardrobe, I would buy scarves.  They update, refresh, pull together, complete any outfit.  Scarves are my favorite category to buy, to sell, and to wear.

In choosing scarves, I start with the fabrication.  I think this is the most important thing.  To have something wrapped around your neck, the way it feels is everything.  Soft, luxurious fabrics are the only ones that interest me.  I focus on cashmere, cashmere and silk blends and cotton.  I stay away from linen and only do a wool blend with silk or cashmere because these fabrics really soften up the wool.

Size does matter, don’t let anyone tell you different.  I always choose large rectangular scarves because they are easier to shape and style to suit your needs.

Franco Ferrari out of Italy is where it all started.  They were the first line we sold that showed us what a demand there could be for luxurious, interesting, sophisticated scarves.  The first season we carried the line, the scenes were definitely edgy.  Motorcycle men, gangsters, huge skulls and the classic “Man on Toilet”.  Now, we go more for subtle scenes and outfits, patterns and textures.

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Maison Passage out of France, is definitely the most visual.  Their designs are by far the most interesting and diverse.  They range from rock and roll, The Beatles, David Bowie, and Elvis, to universal, iconic images such as Pacman, playing cards, peace signs.  They are always done with such vibrant color that they are irresistible.  We only do 100% cashmere in these scarves.  They look like works of art.  They could be framed and hung on the wall or thrown over the sofa as part of your design aesthetic.

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Richiami, from Italy, uses lots of textures, lots of mixing of patterns in a very elegant sophisticated way.  They use elements such as beading with Swarovski crystals, applications, lace and boiled wool.  They also do the embroidered skull scarf which we bring in every season.  We have been selling pieces with skulls since we opened in 2004.  We thought it would go away, but people love skulls. 

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Another line we have coming in is Claudio Cutuli out of Italy.  They specialize in fur and leather on cashmere, modal and silk.  It is a very unique line, I haven’t seen anything else in the luxury market like it.  We also have Janavi, which is hand-beaded in India.  These pieces are so unusual with such detailed work, it makes them truly special.  We are also bringing Bajra back this season.  A very classic, timeless collection, but always with a design twist.  

That is true of all the designers we carry.  We don’t do trendy.  I look for things that are interesting to me but not necessarily “in style”.  If it’s not in style, it can’t go out of style.  That way, it can always be in your closet.